WGS160Y1 : Gender & Violence Lecture

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Intersectionality and gender violence: violence, colonialism and genocide. Individual and structural forms of violence: responses to gender violence, thomas fuller: In 1993 canada became leader in developing more inclusive criteria for refugee status. However, the women"s pace more likely to be upheld if culture/country was violent. Reinforced notion being barbaric and western country being the saviour. When we think about culture and violence, in what way does violence become culturalized: aqsa parvez: murdered by father, because wouldn"t follow traditional values. Hijab is not to be forced, it"s a choice. Ignored the fact that violence against women is a problem in every community. I t"s a crime of patriarchy and violence against women in all communities: women"s activists have marked 25 november as a day against violence since 1981. The date came from the brutal 1961 assassination of the three mirabal sisters, www. notesolution. com political activists in the dominican republic, on orders of dominican rules rafael.

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