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Women and Gender Studies
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Definition 6, A priori active/passive distinction Definition: A priori active/passive distinction refers to the approach of seeing gender norms through lens of what we experienced or already know. That is males are active and females are passive. Darwin’s model of sexual selection displays this gender norm. In all societies, we are hard-wired to the knowledge that boys and girls are different in many ways. Boys at an early age are already taught to acquire skills that display masculinity, such as being exposed to toys like cars, guns, and football other than Barbie’s. Whilst on the other hand, girls are taught to develop a submissive femininity. Critical Significance: Takes the bio-determinist view of how they used the process of sperm swimming actively through a very long journey until some dies because are too ‘exhausted’ till only one sperm is left. The best-fit ‘survivor’ then reaches the passive egg at the end of the journey. The human reproduction process is applied through how we think of society gender norms by the display of male being active and female being passive. In most western societies, men and women are expected to behave according to society norms. According to Darwin’s model of sexual selection, males actively compete for access to females. During the male-male competition, the stronger and dominant one will win and have higher chances of reproduction opportunities. Competit
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