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Biology 3332A
Ron Podesta

These findings suggest that antigen stimulation of CD4 helper T cells results in production of cytokines that kill or down regulate CD8 T suppressor cells Promote TH2 for people who have already been infected because we want the dead attenuated viral portions of the adult parasite to be allowed to remain inside the bloodstream while we make antibodies against it will combine with whatever antibodies you already made during previous infection immune system is primed to handle later infection so we continue to promote this TH2 response Children dont have have any preexisting antibodies because they have never been infected want to kill off the parasite immediately with a TH1 also they have no risk of remaining antigens in the body so that there will be no chance of immune pathology in the children 1 Discuss the disguise hypothesis for parasites and alternative explanations for parasite avoidance of the host immune response Disguise hypothesis coat selves with host components either make them themselves or absorb them from the host Not realistic for the parasite to make the components itself because it would have to have a huge genome with all the genes for antigens of any host it may infect Mechanically transformed juvenile worms to she
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