Business Administration 2257 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cash Cash, Fixed Asset, Cash Flow

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Step 1 read the case (30 mins) While reading case, outline: role, decisions ( wondered , wanted to ) Follow-up decisions (if you pursue project, how to get financing/develop a promo plan: goals (list owner"s goals and consider which alternative satisfies them, constraints (list constraints and consider if the alternative is possible, given the constraints?) Analyze past performance and current situation using whichever of: competitive analysis. Identify competitors" strengths and impact on our decisionscor the. Identify competitors" weaknesses and impact on our decisions. If so, can they win?: industry analysis. Label the industry (ie. children"s entertainment industry) No (impact on our decision what must we change?: consumer analysis. Do we currently meet consumer wants and needs: yes (impact on decision, no (impact on decision what must we change?, corporate capabilities. Look at what we are currently doing well (impact on decision) Look at what might constrain us from pursuing an alternative (ie. financing: pest.