Business Administration 2257 Study Guide - Final Guide: Longrun, Fixed Cost, Internal Financing

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Comprehensive cases: cost behaviour, segment reporting, cash budgeting, marketing management, statement of cash flows, financial ratios, projected statements, costing methods, differential analysis. Commonly used framework: operating strategy (comprehensive cases, understand the roles, goals (objectives) and constraints. These criteria should be used to evaluate alternatives and form decisions. Take note of any constraints and discuss how potential obstacles can be managed. These constraints should be factored into decisions and recommendations: clearly outline all necessary decisions and recommendations to be made. Read the case thoroughly for any analysis triggers . Look for the words wondered , wanted to , etc. to identify additional decisions and recommendations to be made. Understand the interconnectedness of decisions and recommendations. Example 2: if you decide to purchase new equipment, where will you recommend the business obtain financing: determine the type of analysis required to make each decision/recommendation, understand the organization. Look at the business itself and the environment the firm is working within: business size up.