2010 Marketing Report... Got a 88% on Kiai Marketing Report. Comments: Great Exhibits, Good Corporate Capabilities, Great 4Ps. Major Critique was that I didnt proof read

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KIAI Marketing Group Matt Kelly Student Number 250527149 Section 550 Instructor Eric Janssen Dec 09 2010 0Page Executive SummaryThe major problem facing Roger Mills of KIAI Marketing Group is a lack of brand awarenessThis is a problem as Mills will not be able to recruit clients if potential customers do not have any idea about the existence of KIAI Marketing GroupThis lack of clientele will result in Mills not being able to earn a profitThere are five essential choices that Mills must do in order to guarantee the success of KIAI Marketing GroupThey are Target small businessesPrice his service at 1300yearPlace his service in the right locationsNot change his service shorttermPromote service in numerous waysKIAI Marketing Group is a new company with no brand awarenessTherefore it is in the best interest of KIAI to use the names of larger established clientele as a means to create awarenessThis will lead to further customers as competition of KIAIs clients will also employ KIAI Marketing Group in order to limit competitive advantage Since KIAI is interested in not only creating brand awareness it must also pick a price that is competitiveIt would be unwise of Mills to price his service at either price extremeThe best way for him to price his service is by using the median cost per impression or CPMMills shouldnt charge a high amount as he cannot guarantee the number of impressionsAt the price of 1300year Mills price and CPM is competitive which will generate brand awarenessThis heightened brand awareness will result in increased clientele and subsequently profit It is essential that Mills understand the target demographic of his clientsThis is essential as product promotion is inefficient if the promotion is trying to appeal to the wrong demographicMills must place promote his clients logos to the right demographic in order to maintain and build customersThis will help to establish KIAI Marketing group and attain more profits There are no services similar to the one offered by KIAI Marketing GroupTherefore it would be foolish of Mills to change the service without knowing how the market will respond to his unique idea The best way to create brand awareness is by diversifying the marketing of your serviceTherefore it is in the best interest of Mills to demonstrate his serviceproduct in as many ways as possibleThis includes attending trade shows creation of a website attending of networking sessions creation of business cards as well as a membership at the Small Business Centre In conclusion Roger Mills of KIAI Marketing Group needs to establish brand awareness as a means of getting market shareThe most effective and successful method of achieving this is to do the following target small businesses price his service at 1300year understand his clienteles target demographic not change his productservice immediately and diversify marketing of brandThis plan will work and will satisfy all of the goals of Roger Mills including his personal profit goal of 5000The successful completion of this plan will negate Roger Mills need to find a summer job or a parttime job during the school year
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