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Computer Science 1032A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Customer Relationship Management, Management Information System, Computer Hardware

Computer Science
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Louis Magguilli
Study Guide

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Part 1 — MIS and You
Whether its a for-profit, nonprofit, or social enterprise, entrepreneurs face the same
challenges: finical stability, finding the right people, and avoiding burn-out
Long-term success of a venture lies within its core values, which start with people.
Tools without the right people and values will fail.
Ch.1 — Information systems and you
What is an information system?
A system is a group of components that interact to achieve some purpose.
An Information system (IS) is a group of components that interact to produce
not all information systems require computerization ( A calendar to organize bookings
can be an IS)
IS from the simplest — a person using a smartphone to know when the next bus
arrives to the most complicated — a high - technology Customer Relationship
Management (CRM) system that uses algorithms and data bases to predict customer
behaviour — all comprise a five component framework of computer hardware,
software, data, procedures, and people.
These five components linked together through networks that leverage the power of
connectivity to tie software, hardware and data together to make info more accesible
and powerful.
Hardware IS NOT all the tangible or physical aspects of a commuter system. IT IS the
electrical components and associated gadgetry that constitute a computer system.
(CD’s are NOT hardware)
Software refer only to programs (or applications) that run, or operate on computer
Data are the basic building blocks of information (ex. facts and observations)
Procedures are the instructions or processes that you follow to achieve your desired
objective (ex. documented policies)
People are actors who want to achieve a particular outcome by interacting with the
People are the most critical part of an IS
What is MIS?
Management Information Systems (MIS) compromise the development and use of
IS that help organizations achieve their goals and objectives
3 key elements: development and use, IS, and goals and objectives
1.Development and use of IS
-IS’s are designed and created by business analysts and system designers at the
request of senior managers or entrepreneurs to solve a problems or meet a need.
-To have an IS that meets your needs, you need to take an active role in that systems
development. You will also have important roles to play in the use of IS (ex. backing
up data)
1.Achieving business goals and objectives
-IS can be found in almost every type on enterprise, social organization, and nonprofit
organization and in gov’t of all levels.
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