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Economics 2122A/B
Terry Biggs

Geography 171b Name________________________ Quiz No. 1, version 1 Student Number:________________________ January 22, 2008 35 marks total 1. Where did the concept of the central bank and paper currency develop? a) France b) Sweden c) Denmark d) United States e) none of the above 2. An example of an industry that has a high degree of spatial concentration is a) milk production b) advertising c) government services d) auto repair e) none of the above 3. Dramatic improvements in the speed of all types of transportation started to occur around a) 1900 b) 1980 c) 1950 d) 2000 e) none of the above 4. What are the 2 components of spatial interaction? a) Flows and nodes b) areas and nodes c) flows and areas d) regions and diffusion e) none of the above 5. ‘enabling technologies’ are? a) the use of technology to allow flexible manufacturing b) technologies that increase labor productivity c) technologies used to improve the mobility of the physically impaired through the use of biotechnology d) technologies that improve the speed of interaction or travel that facilitates the space/time convergence of the international economy e) none of the above 6. Which of the following countries would probably not be considered a member of the core of the international economy? a) USA b) India c) Canada d) France e) they are all in the core 7. Which of the following was not a positive impact of the introduction of railways introduce? a) Fresh food into cities b) allowed expansion of genetic pool c) standardized time zones d) new postal services and national newspapers e) they are all positive impacts 8. Who were the Dissenters? a) Social conservative politicians who fought against changes in land tenure b) labourers who resisted the introduction of steam technology c) free churchmen and churchwomen who wouldn’t sign loyalty oaths d) anti-slavery activists e) none of the above 9. Where does the ‘Power of Place’ video open? a) a vineyard in France b) San Francisco c) the Imperial Valley in California d) a cotton field in Egypt e) none of the above 10. The country with the lowest level of internet access in the world is a) North Korea b) South Korea c) Canada d) USA e) New Zealand 11. The city that is the dominant centre of most types of international finance is a) New York City b) Tokyo c) Frankfurt d) London e) Paris 12. Which of the following is not a product shown in the BusinessWeek slide show? a) iPod b) Nike athletic shoes c) Coca Cola d) BMW e) they were all shown 13. In 1914, what country was responsible for about 45% of the world’s total of outgoing FDI? a) Canada b) United Kingdom c) USA d) Germany e) none of the above 14. According to the 2005 globalization index, the most globalized country in the world is a) China b) Taiwan c) Iceland d) Canada e) none of the above 15. What country has the highest broadband internet penetration per 100 inhabitants a) Canada b) United Kingdom c) USA d) Germany e) none of the above 16. In the 1900's, what areas of the world had the largest GDPs? a) Middle East b) China and India c) Japan and China d) Western Europe e) Africa 17. Which of the following is not a trend of globalization? a) Globalization of culture is based on increasing levels of shared beliefs, social forms, and material traits b) Societies display fewer cultural differences than in the past c) Decreasing volume of international trade d) The globalization is taking place at different speeds in different places e) b and c are not trends 18. Which of the following is a difference between the first and second wave of gl
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