Economics 2150A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Production Function, Business Cycle, Indifference Curve

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ECON 2150A/B Full Course Notes
ECON 2150A/B Full Course Notes
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Record your name, student number and section number on the exam paper, scantron sheet and the work booklet. The code 222 should be pre-printed on your scantron sheet. Make sure it matches the code on your exam. Any attempt to change the code will be viewed as an attempt to cheat and you will receive zero on this exam. Answers to the multiple choice should go on the scantron sheet provided in pencil. Answers to the problems should go directly on the exam paper in the space provided. Show all other work in the work booklet provided (this is for your reference only it will not be marked. ) Answers to the multiple choice should be recorded in your work booklet as these answer sheets will not be returned. The work booklet can be collected after the exam paper is returned to you.

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