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History 2403E Study Guide - Final Guide: Evil Eye, Planned Destruction Of Warsaw, Huldrych Zwingli

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
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Diabolical pact: swearing oath to Satan over god
o Not just religious authority threat
o Threat to political authority: divine authority is questioned- makes
witches traitors/rebels
Fear of witches overthrowing society
Malleus Maleficarum 1486
o The hammer of witches
o Published by Dominican friars
o Most famous of books dealing with witchcraft in the early modern
o Hollywood view: Roman Catholic manual of witch hunting
o Standardized (not formed) beliefs about witches and what they did
o Had theological appearance, but many verses taken out of context
o Looks like it has ecclesial backing
Had a papal bull when published first, papal bull was intended
to stand behind authors (Kramer and Sprenger) not the text
o Legal authority
Dealt with prosecution in a court of law
Filled with case law
Scepticism of prosecution witchcraft= you are a witch
o Profoundly misogynistic text
When a woman thinks alone she thinks evil
Timeline of persecution of witchcraft in period following 1486
o 1400: people begin to consider witchcraft and begin to fear witches
o After 1486: Decline due to reformation
People have bigger fish to fry
o 1560: great reform leaders (Luther, Zwingli, Calvin) have died
Leads to an increase in persecution
o 1590-1630: persecution most intense
o After 1630: significant decline of persecution
o 1782: last witch executed by state court
Swiss town: Glarus
Anna Goldi
The scope of witchcraft trials
o Low end: 40,000
o High end: 9,000,000 (Gynocide)- Woman hating attempted to
eradicate women
Location of the persecution
o Heaviest in Germany
Most severe in regions of heterodox religious theology (border
territories between catholic and protestant lands
Protestants accuse other protestants of being witches
Catholics accuse other Catholics of being witches
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