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History 2403E exam review.docx

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History 2403E
Anne Skoczylas

FRANCE 1553: Henry IV (killed in 1610 by ravaillac who sees it is his duty to do so, commanded loyalty with kind words) 1560-94: 34 years of war 1610-1643: Louis XII (9 when king in 1614, sensitive/shy/artistic, money but not communication skills) 1614: Louis becomes king, meeting of estates general, 3 estate passes a statement (state of France only depends upon God) in 1617 he arranges an assassination of concini and puts his mother under house arrest and has his wife executed for witchcraft 1615: marriage ofAnne of Austria (eldest daughter of Spain to Louis, not a happy marriage) 1616: Rise of Richelieu,Armand jean de plesis Bishop of Lucon, secretary state for foreign affairs 1617: Rich is dismissed with other ministers of the time 1620: Brief civil war where Rich acting as a mediator 1622: rich deemed cardinal 1624: rich is chief minister at hear of royal council and restores royal authority, staying here until his death in 1641 1627: Duke of Buckingham forced to withdraw from La Rochelle 1628: company of New France 1629: Navy in France 1635: entered the 30 year war on protestant side 1636: Guilio Mathrin in France as papal legate 1638: Louis 14 is born of Louis 12 andAnne, sea victory vs. Spain it was a quick success, La Rochelle is taken by the king 1639: Gaston is born of the same parents, Mazarin is a naturalized Frenchman 1641: Lit de Justice with edict limiting parliaments rights to deal with admin or finance, Mazarin is a cardinal but not priest Other People: • Rubans: a painter who fills the Palas de Luxembourg • Marie de Medici=regent (tries to continue Henry’s reign) • Rich: reduce Huguenot power there was a revolt in southAtlantic coast of France, he wanted to reduce power of nobles so he
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