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Health Science 1001 November Midterm - Lecture and Textbook Statistics

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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Stats from Lecture Top 3 causes of death in young adults 1) accidents 2) suicide 3) cancer Early-mid 1900s life expectancy M=58.8 yrs F=60.6 yrs When did health campaigns start? 1970s Current life expectancy in Canada M=78.8 yrs F=83.3 yrs AVG=81.1 yrs % obesity in Canada 59% % obesity in Newfoundland 29% # Canadians who suffer from depression 3 million How much more likely are women to be depressed? 2x What % of depressed people seek help? ~35% Young women attempt suicide __x more than men 3x Young men are __x more likely to succeed at suicid4x __/__ Canadians are affected by anxiety disorders 1/10 Anxiety disorders are more prevalent in…? Females nd 2 most common mental health problem Anxiety disorders Panic disorders affect how many Canadians? ~2 million 2/3 of those who seek help for panic disorders areWomen Top 3 stressors in youth 69%=school, 24%=money, 24%=appearance % of youths that keep problems to themselves 42% % of youths who routinely seek help for stress 19% % of Canadians who identify as workaholics 31% % of Canadians w/o enough time for fun 56% % of Canadians who worry they don’t spend enough 65% time w/family or friends Stats from Chapter 1 Kids in dangerous areas __x more likely overweight4x __/__ Canadians live in a rural community 1/5 % Canadians 18+ who identify as gay/lesbian/bi 1.5% % Canadians 12+ rate their health as excellent/goo60% Top 10 health issues affecting academic performancStress, sleep difficulties, sickness, concern for friend/family member, relationship problems, depression/anxiety, computer overuse, death of loved one, infections, ADD % university students overweight/obese 36% % students who had unsafe sex the last time ~50% % students who had 6+ drinks at last night partyin~80% % students who used tobacco in the last month ~19% % Canadians diagnosed with diabetes 5% % increase in incidences of diabetes since 1997 100% % university students who aren’t active enough > 50% % Canadians who’ve stopped smoking 27% % Canadians 12+ who are active enough for gains 52% % Canadians 20+ who are active enough for gains 48% % cases of diabetes and coronary disease that coul> 90% cases of diabetes be eliminated/avoided by a healthy lifestyle 80% cases of coronary heart disease Stats from
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