Health Sci 1001a

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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Jessica Polzer

Health sci exam notes Ideology of IndividualismLifestyle explanations rooted in ideology a set of beliefs of individualismDistinguishing the Perspectives on HealthPerspective Mental outlook a way of seeingDepends on point of view of the personDepends on the relationship between the viewer and what is being viewed Social Perspective on HealthFocuses on the social systems and social conditionsHealth of groups and populationsRelationships between the MACROlevel social structures and the MICRO level experiences of healthChallenges us to figure out ways to have a better overall healthier communityRoot cause of illness and suffering are from social arrangements and inequalities Social Determinants of HealthRooted in social perspective on healthExamines the social political economic and cultural forcesfactors that affect health Critical Pedagogy seeks to encourage a particular type of attitude towards health practice and research based on critical awareness empathy curiosity and reflexivityawareness of our own assumptions that we have on health What is health y Greek holos meaning whole y Hippocrates described as a condition in which the functions of the body and soul are in harmony with the outside world y There are multiple definitions especially varying from different cultures and times aka we have a dif thought than those that are indigenous than those from the Western culture y NOT SPREAD OUT RANDOMLY THERE IS A REASON BEHIND WHO IS AFFECTED Negative definition takes a pure biomedical view on health where health equals the absence of illness Positive definition takes the health of the person on a whole prospective mind body and soul The state of a persons wellbeing and health rather than just medical issues y Considers the whole person holistic y Sees individuals and biological processes in a social context y Focuses on the factors and conditions that facilitatepromote health y Health as an ideal state of being Ex WHO definition a state of complete physical mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity y Health as capacity to fulfill roles y Health as a personal energy reserve y Health has personal potential Health Canada definition health as a capacity or resource not a state being able to pursue ones goals to acquire skills and education and to growThe capacity of people to adapt to respond to or control lifes challenges and changes The Biomedical model of Health 1 Mindbody dualismrelationship between the mind and matterMind is mental processes thoughts and consciousness Body is physical aspect like brains how it works2 Reductionism disease reduced to entirely biological causes with changes in social and psychological factors ignored 3 Specific Etiology the origin of a disease 4 Machine Metaphor the body is a machine We all have separate parts If one part doesnt work everything wont welloiled machine 5 Regimen and control Problems with the biomedical modelMechanist reductionist and technical approachLatrogenesis can cause medical errorpays more attention to disease than healthDisease vs Illness
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