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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Shauna Burke

Shanna Larsen 19812005Class 16 after exam3222012 83700 AM Team Shan Organization by Shannons MomShannon died from breast cancer at the age of 247000 individuals in Canada will die of cancer each yearo 3000 are diagnosed in Ontario each year o 400 are women diagnosed with breast cancer 60 die most lumps are not breast cancerbreast cancer 80 of the time starts with symptoms of lumps o Shannon had inflammatory breast cancer which effects 5 of cases there is no lump visible internal symptoms o Breast cancer got to her bone and it caused her pain there this led to calcium leechingBreast cancer spreads to bones liver brain and lungs 4 key areas Being born in North Amerhigher risk than rest of world WHO 1 of those diagnosed are male 99 are female 1 riskif you start menstrual cycle before age of 12 you are at higher risk women on hormone replaceme
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