Law 3101A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Texas Education Agency Accountability Ratings System, Machismo

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Johannes had 2 psychiatric admissions resulting from aggressive and thretening behaviour. Diagnosed as suffering from acute psychosis - prescribed antispychotic meds. Went to live w/ sis after 2nd hospital stay. Condition deteriorated, police forcibly took him to hospital b/c became increasingly threatening to his sis. Dr stefaniu assessed him as lacking insight into his mental illness, severely paranoid and potentially violent. Incapable of consenting/refusing to consent to tment. Ccb said he would worsen w/o tment, would injure someone if released. Doctor later recorded his mental state further deteriorated. Johannes assaulted patients and staff, threatened dept chief and staff psychiatrist. Also evidence he became less threatening over course of hospitalization. Assessed again and concluded he no longer met criteria for involuntary admission. Met with him and told him he was no voluntary patient, but he rejected doc"s advice to remain in hospital on voluntary basis and meet with psychiatrist.