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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 1021A/B

Course Wrap-Up and Reviewskies  Traditional management course is centered around planning, leading, organizing and controlling o Controlling is “management” or what it was supposed to be until the mid-20 century Our course st  Fitting the “real world” into the 21 century  Looking at the traditional side  New emerging ideas  Mainstream and Multistream  Change & faster change  Pluralistic  Multinational and multicultural  Multiple goals and expectations  Critical perspectives – question everything o 1% & 99% o Crookedness and corruption Weeks  What is organization  What is management  Planning  Organizing  Leading  Controlling  Diversity  Globalization & international management  Information technology  Sustainability  Scary and hopeful developments Course themes  Essay questions or some smaller questions  ‘Issues in Business, Management & Organization’ o What are they and why  Management consists of o Planning, organizing, leading, controlling o OR a number of different ways to approach o Interpersonal, informational and decisional planes  Mainstream and Multistream management o Characterise the important differences o Are they related? How?  The pig o Owners vs. consumers vs. managers vs. suppliers, etc. o Things that are important to use aren’t important to others  Diversity o Interpersonal – gender, ethnic, international, etc. o Organizational – different kinds of and how they are managed o We gain by thinking of different ways to do things o Manage group a in one setting and group b in another o One size fits all does not work (and when it doesn’t… good luck). If something doesn’t work
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