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Management and Organizational Studies 2275A/B

Chapter 9 Legal Capacity to Contract and Requirement of LegalityMinor or InfantInfanta person who has not reached the age of majorityand infant at Common Law is a person under 21provinces lowered it to 18 or 19minors should not be bound to their promisesthey are not liable for contract they negotiatelaw attempts to balance the protection of minors with the need to contract by making contracts for necessary items enforceable against a minorif contract has been fully performed then minor may be bound to agreementif not fully performed then agreement may be voidable at minors optionany business that enters into a contract with a minor assumes the risk that minor might repudiate the agreementlaw provides that an infant will be bound by contracts for necessariesthey will be liable for reasonable prices of goods received or services suppliedthe effect of this rule is to permit merchants to provide necessaries to minorsit is fairmerchant is protectedminor is liableminor is protected that the merchant may only charge a reasonable price for the good or serviceCriteria for Necessarygoods supplied to minor are actually necessarycontracts of employment or apprenticeship are contracts considered to be beneficial to minorsThe Effect of Repudiationminor or infant may repudiate a contract at anytimeonce repudiated minor is entitled to return any deposit paidif purchased on credit and taken delivery minor must return the goods before merchant can return moneyFraudulent Misrepresentation as to Age
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