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Western University
Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3322F/G
John White

Chapter 1Integrated Marketing Communications An OverviewThere has been a movement toward targeted media and away from mass mediaThe overall goal of communications now is to deliver the same message through a variety of media in order to have a synergistic impact on the targetThe Integrated Marketing Communications MixIntegrated Marketing Communications the coordination of all marketing communications in a unified program that maximizes the impact on the intended target audienceIt embraces many unique yet complementary forms of communicationMedia advertising a focus on message strategies and media strategies in a traditional media environmentDirect response communications communications that encourage immediate actionDigital communications that include online mobile cell phone and CDDVD communicationsSales promotion both consume and trade promotionsPublic elationsExperiential marketingPersonal sellingFigure 11 on page 4Any customer touchpoint is part of integrated marketing communicationsRarely does an organization employ all the various components of the mix at one time but rather selects and uses those components that are deemed appropriate for the situation at handIntegration of message strategy regardless of the medium is crucial to generating maximum impact on the target audienceClients look for a total solutions communications approach to resolve their business problemsNot always feasibleAdvertisingAdvertising the placement of persuasive messages in time or space purchases in any of the mass media by organizations that seek to inform and persuade members of a target market about their products services organization or ideasGood advertising advertising that has an impact on the audience will influence the behaviour of that audiencethat is its primary functionAdvertising can be either product oriented or promotion orientedProduct advertising provides information and helps build an image for the product whether its a brand or a company in doing so the features attributes and benefits of the product are presented in a persuasive manner eg Kelloggs stresses that it has essential nutrients SpongeTowels stresses that it truly soaks up big spillsPromotional Advertising advertising that communications a specific offer to encourage an immediate response from the target audience eg coupon o Coupon provides the incentive to buy whereas the ad presents the features and primary benefits of the product to help build the imageDirect Response CommunicationsDirect Response Communications The delivery of a message to a target audience of one the message can be distributed by direct mail direct response television or telemarketingDirect means direct from the marketing company to a specific user or a prospective user of the companys productThis segment is growing at a much faster pace than traditional forms of advertisingTimepressed consumers find the convenience of direct response appealingEg Tylenol 8 hour tablets direct mail package that included product information sample tablets and a 200 coupon on the first purchase of the productDigital Interactive CommunicationsDigital Interactive Communications the placement of an advertising message on a website or an ad delivered by email or through mobile communication devices cell phone etcThere is little doubt that communications by way of electronic devices will be the future of marketing communicationsMany consumers see online or cell phone advertising as intrusiveCustomer Relationship Management CRM a process that enables an organization to develop an ongoing relationship with valued customers the organization captures and uses information about its customers to its advantage in developing the relationshipThe new emphasis that businesses place on CRM combined with their ability to manage internal databases is forcing them to move toward directresponse and interactive communicationsSales PromotionSales Promotion involves special incentives to stimulate an immediate reaction from consumers and distributorsAn organizations promotion expenditures tend to be divided between consumers and distributorsStrategies that include coupons free samples contests and cash refunds are classified as consumer promotionsOffering price discounts to distributors for purchasing goods in large quantities or for performing some kind of marketing or merchandising task on behalf of a marketing organization is classified as a trade promotionIt is imperative that consumer promotion strategies be aligned effectively with consumer advertising programs and that trade promotions be aligned effectively with personal selling programsPublic RelationsPublic Relations messages that influence the attitudes and opinions of interest groups to an organization to gain public understanding and acceptancePR generates free exposure through press releases and offers a legitimacy that advertising does not havePR can also help in time of crisis eg Maple Leaf recalls in 2008 for bad meatOnline tools are now a part of good PR strategy as traditional PR strategies are changing rapidlyExperiential Marketing
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