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Management and Organizational Studies
Management and Organizational Studies 3344A/B
Julie Schermer

Chapter 8 : Workplace Violence - Postal shootings, OCTranspo shootings (4 dead, 2 injured), Concordia (4 dead), L’Ecole Polytechnique (28 shot, 14 women dead) - Defining Workplace Aggression and Violence - Violence: an actual physical assault or threat of an assault - Aggression: behaviour by an individual(s) within or outside organization that is intended to physically or psychologically harm a worker(s) and that occurs in a work-related context - Harassment: engaging in annoying or embarrassing conduct against a worker in a workplace – conduct that is known or ought responsibly to be known as unwelcome - Emotional Abuse: another term for bullying - Mobbing: using in Europe to refer to bullying - Bullying: aggressive, nonpsychical behaviours perpetrated by organizational members over a prolonged period of time - Incivility: rude or discourteous behaviour - Sexual harassment: intentional, persistent and unwelcome sexual conduct or remarks that occur despite resistance from the victim - Gender harassment: comments or actions seen as creating a hostile environment based on gender - Unwanted Sexual Attention: persistent and unwelcome sexual comments/attention - Sexual Coercion: the attempt to extort sexual cooperation; can take the form of subtle or explicit job-related threats The Prevalence of Workplace Aggression - More violence in Canadian workplaces than American - 71% physical assaults, 69% experiences some form of verbal workplace aggression Sources of Workplace Violence - Type I Violence: violence committed by someone with NO legitimate relationship to the organization, often while committing another criminal act o Homicide that occurs in the context of a robbery - Type II Violence (client-perpetrated violence): violence committed by clients or customers of the organization o Patient assaults health care worker - Type III Violence: violence committed by coworkers o Coworker assaults and post office murder of 1990s - Type IV Violence: violence committed by the spouse or partner of the victim in the workplace - Labour disputes involve 2 broad categories of violent acts 1. Confrontational: verbal insults exchanged then a group of picketers throw rocks at line crossers 2. Purposeful: planned and deliberate - Most violence is perpetrated by members of the public (71%) Risk Factors for Workplace Aggression - Employees in retail, service, security and transportation at highest risk of workplace homicides - Nonfatal assaults occur mostly in heath care, education, social service and law enforcement industries Occupational Risk Factors - Scheduling  individuals who work alone at night are at increased risk (taxi drivers, security guards) 1 - Authority  people in position to deny services or requ
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