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Microbiology and Immunology
Microbiology and Immunology 3300B

Immune Study Notes Lecture 4 Where do immune cells undergo development? In the bone marrow, but T cells finish in the thymus 1. What are the roles of the central lymphoid tissues? Antibody/TCR gene rearrangement Lymphopoeisis Central Tolerence 2. What happens in the bone marrow? Hematopoesis, Antibody rearrangement, central tolerence (rendered self reactive or not) Bony trabeculae – where immune cells develop, spaces between is where hematopoeisis occurs and also adipocytes are also present there. Bell cells go through apoptosis or they undergo change to make them inactive. If good they stay as receptors. 3. Describe central tolerance in the thymus. Segmented off by a capsule. Start with the TCR genes rearranging within the cortical epithelial region, then being selected negatively against within the medulary epithelial region, no idea what occurs in the Hassels corpus region. 4. Discuss the thymus mutation. Nude mice – mutation in FOXN1 gene = epithelial cells cant differentiate – no hair, no thymus therefore prone to infection – also occurs in humans but very rare. 5. What is the function of the peripheral lymphoid tissues? Peripheral tolerance, maturation of immune cells and antigen screening. 6. What is the function of a lymphnode? Dendritic cells with antigens will go into he lymphnode through the afferent arteriole; T/B cells will look for the antigen; if it finds it it will go out and start immune response; if not; moves onto the next lymphnode 7. Describe the structure and function of the lymph node. Corticol sinus seperates the components of the lymph n
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