Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Semi-Automatic Ground Environment, Marvin Minsky, Turing Test

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According to him machines and humans can think the same, there"s no difference. Not a lot of people were happy with this so he answers 9 objections that and prove that they can think similarly: Thought is the product of an immortal soul. Souls are given by god only to humans. He answers: the prejudices of an unscientific past that relied on scripture have been erroneous (believing the earth was flat, etc. ) The day will never come that machines will surmount human intelligence. He counters: this is a prejudice of wanting to preserve our specialness" thus a belief in superiority of human thinking can not admit to the facts of computing. We have enormous egos so we won"t believe that machines can do what we can do. Computers are limited and thus not like us. No one can answer every single question put to him or her. There"s still a lingering mystery as to what consciousness really is.

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