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Title MOS 2275A Quiz
October 21st
Professor King
Management and Organizational Studies- Business Law I
Type: c) Exam
Quiz #2
Kathleen Coates
Started: October 21 11:20
Questions: 10
(Points: 10)
Albert and Bob have a contract whereby Bob has agreed to burn down Albert’s house for
consideration of $5,000, so that Albert can claim the insurance proceeds. Albert has given Bob
$2,500 and the contract requires Albert to pay Bob the remaining $2,500 after the job is done.
However, Bob has now backed out of the deal, and Albert has sued him for breach of contract.
What will the court order:
1. Albert to pay Bob $2,500.
2. Bob to pay Albert $2,500.
3. Albert to pay Bob $5,000.
4. Bob to pay Albert $5,000.
5. The court will not order either party to pay any money.
(Points: 10)
Gwen and Hal have both signed a written agreement, in which Gwen has agreed to sell a
specific machine to Hal for a price which is to be negotiated by the parties prior to delivery.
Gwen and Hal have a history of similar agreements, and they have always been able to agree
on price prior to delivery. True or false: Gwen and Hal have a contract.
True False
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