Political Science 1020E Study Guide - Final Guide: Russian Mafia, Social Safety Net, Susan Strange

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Trans-sovereign problems problems which are not solvable by one state or by state actors: key: globalization. Interdependence ( states relying on each other rather than do alone/self : tech, autos) Why sovereignty after 1648: onuf: deal with competing authority structures, majestas, institutions inspiring respect o. Potestas imperiandi: coerce and enforce rules o, birth of england as an actual state. Stewardship: rule on behalf of citizens (burke) democracy, ruler has to provide for their people (e. g. , saddam problems) Robert jackson: spreading immigration, disease (e. g. , sars) o. Transferring environmental damage (e. g. , buying plastics from the. Drugs, sex traffic, nuke material: global organizations un, world. Bank, russian mafia (some mafias are a part of the actual state, such as in mexico) Land (air? water?) o o demarcated, agreed upon by others. Single authority make agreements, enforce rules (reliance) o political organizations. Papacy, ethnicity, religion, etc: colonialism and tribal people < outside capitalism (perhaps not outside of.

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