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Political Science
Political Science 1020E

1. TOCs are run like TNCs 1. According to Love, what is most profitable>drugs 2. Why are enviro. Problems important? b/c they cross jurisdictions>>they are trans-sovereign 3. Problems that not solvable by one state or state actors are…trans-sovereign 4. Who is NOT in the Threat Alliance? Nuclear States 5. ‘IMF’ is an initialise for: International Monetary Fund 6. Terrorism targets: non-combatants/civilians 7. Which is a type of international org.? Intergovernmental or non-governmental 8. The economies of new democracies rely on: outsourcing 9. Most importantly, TOCs and terrorism are linking: political and economic actors 10. UN’s formal name is: United Nations Organization 11. Rainforest depletion is equivalent to the size of: England 12. Future major conflict will result when access to THIS resource is threatened: Water 13. Representative delivers for his/her constituents’ interests: Constituency model 14. Protectionism 15. Which are the post-communist states? Eastern Europe 16. Which is not a ‘religiously motivated peace’? Secular peacekeeping 17. Government which has controlling seats: majority 18. New International Economic Order 19. Paperless money transfer system in Middle East: hawala 20. Which is not a quality of liberal democracy: transitional state structures 21. Multilateralism 22. Representative uses own judgement: trustee model 23. Which is NOT one of Huntington’s ‘waves of democratisation?”: 2000s-Fourth Wave 24. IMF mandate: currency exchange stability 25. Whose concept is “Retreat of the state”: Susan Strange 26. 2 types of NGOs: traditional and special 27. Besides single purpose, which is a type of NGO-multi-purpose 28. The set of options to deal with debt and the environment are called: debt-for-nature 29. Which type of terrorism is conducted by countries: State-sponsored or state terrorism 30. Which is NOT a communist state: Russia 31. Multilateralism 32. During the Cold War, security focused on: state security 33. Televoting and other technology means to expand citizen participation falls under: digital democracy 34. Rebellion usually requires: military support 35. It has been argues that communist and post-communist states should be called: authoritarian 36. Representative must follow party’s position: party model 37. Which is not a type of NGO power: male 38. Elections are not a mechanism for: deciding legislation 39. Which is not a Model for development: export-driven outsourcing 40. WTO emerged from: GATT 41. Which is not a proportional voting system: STD 42. Terrorism is pursued to seek: political changes 43. A key problem of the New Democracies is the impact of: globalisation, colonialism, technology 44. Tragedy of the Commons 45. Representative who best represents the constituents: substantive representation 46. Slavery has most affected development in: Africa 47. Many less-developed states are most like: post-communist states 48. Who is NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council: India 49. Social Capital comes from: Robert Putnam 50. Some accuse NGOs of using the environment to engage in: neo-colonialism 51. Regime breakdown may lead to all of the following except: international intervention 52. Which state type does not have free markets: communist states 53. Whose definition was not discussed for terrorism: Goebbels>>discussed was Nossal, US state
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