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Political Science
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Political Science 2102A/B

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Nader Mechanics of Power • New financial system not designed to promote the health/well-being of human beings  designed to enhance to power of the world’s largest corporations and financial institutions • Millions/billions of people are being effected by decisions by members of the World Trade Organization  no longer the responsibility of local/federal governments o World-wide conformity is required  lack of conformity leads to trade sanctions • Trade agreements have huge control over investment flows, innovations, public assets, and democratic governance • Issues that are not related to profits/trade tariffs are not as important • Issues that expand monopoly power are encouraged Targeting democratic laws • WTO allows trade restrictions that are the least restrictive despite their feasibility • Corporations win when legislation is set up to be a non-tariff barriers • Countries attack each other’s policies till laws can’t block the interests of corporations The process: undemocratic from the beginning • Negotiation, adaptation and
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