Psychology 2035A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Job Satisfaction, Socioeconomic Status, Parenting

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Industrial/organizational (i/o) psychology: the study of human behavior in the workplace. You spend most of your time working (average 8 hours a day, 1-2 hours commuting to and from work) Choosing a career is a luxury usually afforded to the middle and upper classes, for people who are able to select a career personal qualities and family influences come into play. Individuals who exhibit secure attachment and have a sense of self efficacy about career related abilities, find it easier to make career choices. Intelligence does not necessarily predict occupational success, it does predict the likelihood of entering certain occupations that need an educational background such as law medicine and engineering. Because interests underlie your motivation for work and your job satisfaction they should definitely be considered in your career planning. Finally important to choose and occupation that is compatible with your personality.

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