Psychology 2070A/B Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Nicolas Cage, Inter-Rater Reliability, Intentionality

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Social psych: way thoughts, feelings behaviours impacted by the real or imagined presence of others. Study of how we think, feel, relate about each other. Experimentally based science empirically based (senses evidence) *construals: how ppl interpret the things, the world* most important to understand. Ex scream outside children playing or someone attacked? or procedural justice. **ppl fail to recognize other have diff constuals** naive realism: we see the world unbiasedly (those who agree are reasonable, those who don"t agree are biased, uninformed) Folk wisdom: something stated as a fact, but isn"t why are these bad for explaining behaviour: speculative, explanations contradict social psych indv sociology the group social psych vs personality psych. Both indv level differences: both how society in uence behaviour: personality looks at whats diff between people (soc the common, predicting behave: pers focuses on internal traits (soc on internal & external) Fundamental attribution error (correspondence bias): explain behaviour by personality factors, but doesn"t take in situational factors.