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Psychology 2720A/B Final: Chapter 7: Conformity - Final Exam Review

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Psychology 2720A/B
Mike Morrison

CHAPTER 7 CONFORMITY, COMPLIANCE AND OBEDIENCE 1. What type of influence dominates in unambiguous situation? What about in ambiguous situations? Ambiguous situation = informational social influence o Conforming because we believe that others interpretation of an ambiguous situation is more correct than ours Unambiguous situation = normative social influence o Conforming in an unambiguous situation because we want to be viewed as a valued member of a group the need to fit in; we dont want to be deviant 2. What are the main techniques of compliance? What norms underlie them? What are some examples? Compliance = a change in behaviour from a direct request Doorintheface = offering a large request to a person, knowing that they will refuse as a method of increasing the likelihood that they will accept when you offer a smaller request o We are more likely to agree to a smaller task in compensation for not completing a larger task E.g., asking someone to take out all of the garbages in the house and then asking them to take only the garbage in their room Footinthedoor = offering a smaller request to a person first, knowing that they will accept as a method of increasing the likelihood that they will accept a sequel task o More likely to agree to a larger task after a smaller task due to maintaining a positive selfperception E.g., asking someone to borrow their notes from one missed lecture and then asking for missed notes from an entire semester Lowballing = offering a product at a lower price and then raising the price once the customer agrees to purchase the product o More likely to buy the product despite the change in price because we have already done the work and completed the buying process filing out papers, etc., E.g., occurs a lot in car sales 3. What are some examples of obedience? Obedience = conformity in response to the requests of someone who holds authority o Listening to police o Listening to teachers, parents, elders
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