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Psychology 3723F/G
Martin Kavaliers

Attitude Behaviour Consistency Mass Media CampaignsAttitudes are regarded as an important construct by social psychologists because attitudes are assumed to cause behaviourPeople behave in ways that are consistent with their attitudesAttitudebehaviour consistency should be quite highDifferences in attitudes should be associated with differences in behaviourLapiere 1934Visited 250 restaurants etc w welldressed chinese coupleonly refused once6 months later wrote to establishments will you accept members of the chinese race as guests o 1 said yes o 9 said depends o 118 said noproblems with studyMany establishments have multiple staff maybe server didnt get letterChinese couple were well dressedstatus not mentioned in lettersAccompanied by white maleWicker 1969Reviewed 46 studies on attitudebehaviour consistencyFound average attitudebehaviour correlation of 15 with only a few correlations above 30 o Concluded that attitudes dont really predict behaviourHUGE impact on fieldSome gave up on attitudes conceptSome tried to challenge this prove attitudes predict under certain condnsAbelson 1972Noted that whereas Wickers review was pessimistic there was good support for the idea that behaviour affects attitudes o Dissonance theorylecture 7 o we are very well trained and very good at finding reasons for what we do but we are not very good at doing what we find reasons for probably the most important insight relating to attitudebehaviour consistency involves the extent to which the measures of attitude and behaviour match one another appropriatelyif measures match well then attitudebehaviour consistency will be strongcorrespondence between attitudinal and behavioural measures o Compatibility Principlemeasure of attitudes and measure of behaviour must be at similar level of generalityspecificity both genboth spec o Easiest to understand in context of a theoretical modelTheory of reasoned actionFishbeinAjzen 1975
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