Sociology 2260A/B Final: Sociology of Law Final Exam Review

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Typology 3 stages of dispute process (nader & todd 1978: grievance (pre con ict) stage. Indv or group perceive or imagines situation as unjust (nomadic - 1 person/ group: con ict stage, dispute stage - mackay guest speaker at this stage. Confront offending party (diatic - involves 2 parties) Made public, 3rd party comes in (triatic - 3 partys) Methods of dispute resolution: lumping it - ignore it, avoidance - remove yourself from situation (ie divorce, primary dispute process, hybrid dispute process. Mediate - neutral 3rd party guides to agreement. Arbitration - neutral 3rd party decides (outside courts) Adjudication - formal method of resolution (courts - outcome enforced by law) Rent-a-judge - predictability (previous cases) but doesn"t take into consideration what caused the dispute. Mini-trial - not binding decision, essentially mock trial . Law of vagrancy: bubonic plague (pressure on government to make beggars illegal; New legislation: bill 168 (amendment to protect people from violence at workplace)