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Sociology MidtermChapter 1A Sociological CompassThe Sociological Perspective SuicideSuicide is often regarded as a supremely antisocial and nonsocial actFocus is on individual states of mind rather than on the state of societySociological perspective can be applied to the causes of suicideSociological Explanation of SuicidethEmile Durkheim At the end of the 19 century demonstrated suicide rates were strongly influenced by social forcesoExamined association between rates of suicide and rates of psychological disorder for different groupsDurkheims ContributionDurkheim argued suicide rates varied as result of differences in degree of social solidarity in different categories of the populationSocial solidarity refers to the degree to which group members share beliefs and values and the intensity and frequency of their interaction Suicide in Canada TodaySuicide among youth has increased substantially since the 1960sHigh suicide rate among 90 bc of few social ties loss of spouse physically deterioratingPikangikum First Nation Reserve What parallels can we draw between the social realities experienced by the youth in this community of 2400 residents and Durkheims discussions of suicide No school facility alcohol and drug prevalence youth and parental unemployment From Personal Troubles to Social StructuresSocial structure Relatively stable patterns of social relationsThree levels of social structure oMicrostructures are patterns of intimate social relations formed during facetoface interaction Families friendship circles and work associations are all examples of microstructuresoMacrostructures overarching patterns of social relations that lie outside and above your circle of intimates and acquaintances Include classes bureaucracies and power systems such as patriarchy oGlobal structures patterns of social relations that lie outside and above the national level They include international organizations patterns of worldwide travel and communication and the economic relations between countriesSociological ImaginationSociological imagination the quality of mind that enables a person to see the connection between personal troubles and social structures Origins of the Sociological ImaginationScientific Revolution began 1550 encouraged the view that sound conclusions about the workings of society must be based on solid evidence not just on speculationDemocratic Revolution began 1750 suggested that people are responsible for organizing society and that human intervention can therefore solve social problems Industrial Revolution regarded as most important even in world history since the development of agriculture and cities refers to the rapid economic transformation that began in Britain in 1780s Involved the largescale application of science and technology to industrial processes the creation of factories and the formation of a working class Auguste Comte and Herbert SpencerAuguste Comte Sought to understand the social world using scientific method of research coined the term sociology Herbert Spencer First social DarwinistTheory Research and ValuesThere is tension between belief in importance of science and vision of ideal societyTension reflected in works of important early figures in sociology Karl Marx Emile Durkheim Max Weber and continues today Values
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