BF190 Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Merchant Prince, Wars Of The Three Kingdoms, A Letter Concerning Toleration

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29 Nov 2016

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~ machiavelli - talk about the actual way that humans are not how they appear. ~ book (the prince) - how to get and maintain power rest of the world what the princes should be. Debate about if the book was actually about how a prince should act or one telling the. Prince must appear to be good but cannot be. ~ the ends justify the means - maintain the stability. ~ need to appear in the public to be a good person. ~ cruelty for cruelty"s sake is unacceptable - must be used for the right reason. Don"t understand people the way that he does. ~ self interest book (about himself) - resume. ~ bring nasty person to power - don"t mess with them. ~ fear vs. love - you want to be both but cannot be both - fear > love (to be loathed is the worst of everything)

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