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Communication Studies
Andrew Herman

CS235 Midterm ReviewPart one DefinitionsDefine and discuss in short paragraph form FOUR out of seven concepts or set of conceptsFive marks eachTotal20 points out of 100Depending on the term you select you may have to bring in other terms to develop your answerMust use full sentencesPart two The PassageWrite a short essay in which you analyze and interpret the passage by placing it in the context of the authors larger argumentWorth 30 points out of 100You will be told how to focus your answer in the questionMarked as a cohesive essayPart three EssayYou will be given an article and asked to interpret the articleYou will be told how to focus your answerWorth 50 points of 100Marked as a cohesive essayTheory Methods and MethodologiesReading Clive Seale Introduction in Seale Researching Society and Culture Miriam Epstein Introduction to the Philosophy of Science in Seale Researching Society and Culture Gershon The BreakUp 20Concepts for reviewOntology The Greek root of the word is Ontos which refers to a state of beingQuestions of ontology entail questions about the nature of existence Organizing principle by which we understand what isRefers to the logical production of WHAT WE KNOW to exist Example Is social class or race or gender a thing that exists independently of us or is it something that we createconstruct or perhaps just use to think withEpistemology The logical practice of organizing the process of coming to knowledgeThe Greek root of the word means to standHow we know or understand the world is a function of where we are located or place from which we come to knowledgeHOW WE KNOW Example An example of this could be truth it self How do we know that some thing is true Do we have to experience it in order for us to conclude it to be true Or is truth limited by technology culture etcInduction Moves UP from empirical observation to explanation of the observed from specific case to general theoryMost often a characteristic of the interpretivist logic of research and qualitative research methods but not alwaysNot always valid because it is not always accurate to assume that a general principle is correct or traffic Postulate general conclusions on theories Example Today I left for work at 8am and arrived to work on time Therefore everyday I leave the house at 8am Ill arrive on timeDeduction Moves DOWN from explanation to observation from general theory to specific casesMost often associated with the naturalist logic of research and quantitative methods but not alwaysNarrows something specific down so that it can be tested Example Everyday I leave for work in my car at 8am Everyday the drive to work takes 45 mins I arrive to work on time Therefore if I leave for work at 8am today Ill be on time
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