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Computer Science
Rick Henderson

Application programming interface – a block of code in the operating system that software applications need to interact with the operating system Backup and Restore utility – a Windows utility that allows the user to create a duplicate copy of all ten data on the hard drive and copy it to another storage device such as an external hard drive Boot process – the process for loading the operating system into RAM when the computer is turned on Command-driven interface – interface between user and computer in which the user enters commands to communicate with the computer system Error-checking – a Windows utility that checks for lost files and fragments as well as physical errors on a hard drive File Allocation table – an index of all sector numbers that the hard drive stores in a table to keep track of which sectors hold which files Firmware – system software that controls hardware devices Interrupt – a signal that tells the operating system that it is in need of immediate attention Interrupt handler – a special numerical code that prioritizes requests from various devices. These requests then are placed in the interrupt table in the computer’s primary memory Linux – an open source operating system based on UNIX. Because of the stable nature of this operating system, it is often used on Web servers Multiuser operating system – an operating system that enables more than one user to access the computer system at one time by efficiently juggling all the requests from multiple users Paging – the process of swapping data or instructions that have been placed in the swap file for later use back into active RAM. The contents of the hard drive’s swap file then become less active data or instructions Platform – the combination of a computer’s operating system
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