CP202 Study Guide - Final Guide: Javaserver Pages, Mission Creep, Sweet Charity

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There are two basic categories of website design: There are numerous models for website design. Most are taken from software engineering design models. We will examine the lazar model described in the book: user-centered web development, Content in more detail: define website mission and users, collect user requirements, create conceptual design, create physical design, perform usability testing. Implement and market the website: evaluate and improve the website. To set boundaries on: get feedback on ease of use o, ask for suggestions for improvement. Review entire website on a regular basis. The designer decides how that mission should be expressed: know the client, examine the client"s non-web based material, know the client"s history. Mission creep: or scope creep; the tendency for a project to accumulate more and more required project goals as development proceeds, such as additional software features or sections of a website.

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