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Darryl Dee

The Greek Way of War -Greece divided by thousands of city states fighting each other 800-200bc - United by culture with the two emerging military powers being Athens and Sparta - Warfare was heavily armed infantry engaging in hand to hand combat Armour: -Shield: Hoplon, wood covered by thin plates of bronze, 16 lbs and 3 feet diameter, concave -Helm: Corinthian Helmet, bronze, 5lbs, small eye holes, no ear holes -Legs: Greaves, flexible bronze that snapped on the wearer’s calves -Torso: Greek bell cuirass, most important piece, bronze front/black plate 30lbs -Weapon: Spear (Primary) 6-8 feet spear, (1 inch diameter) made from ash/cornel wood Short sword (Secondary) if spear broke Phalanx: -was possible because of hoplons and hoplites would stand shoulder to should to 8 ranks -men of first three ranks lower spear, while the other 5 keep it high to deflect arrows -wide diameter protected left side of bearer and right side of the man standing next to him -rear ranks would put their should and body on the shield -they could rest the front of the shield against the backs of their comrades in front and push -“helmets and breastplates are ourselves, but the shield is for the common defense Four characteristics: 1. Simple and Straightforward - th need for prolonged training and extensive arms practice to use spear and shield -5 century
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