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Neuro Exam notes NEUR 1201

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Wilfrid Laurier University
Lawrence Murphy

NEUR Exam Notesmore materialunderstand the concepts the ideas25 multiple choice 1 point each20 definitions 2 pt each Bold words SLIDES AND BOLDnot many supporting arguments not there HEAVALIY DEFINED will be on exam 12 short answersTopics subject pathways etc15 points each concise point for answers are okayAccording to Article ExplainKnow some material concepts and experiments in the article more focus on articles DepressionMajor Depression appear at any age mainly young adults so around pubertyEffects start to apear around the age 2030is frequent and appears to be increasing in young peoplefirst episode 49 monthsremaining symptoms strongly predict relapse but can go away on their ownmood that is depressed sad otherwise gloomy is the primary feature of major depressionodescribed as sad hopeless down in dumps blahetc oaccompanied by anhedonialoss of interest in activities MEANSwithout pleasure1Psychomotor retardationfind everyday tasks take up too much time and energyei hard to get out of bed 2Decreased cognitive abilities find it hard to concentrate make decisionswhen thesee signs appear in elderly it is often mistaken for dementia pseudodementia3Change in appetite increases or decreases those who eat eat carbohydrates bread cakes sweet4Sleep disturbances can increase or decrease insomnia5Feelings of worthlessness or guilt misinterpret everything around them and everything their fault
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