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Religion & Culture
Yasaman Munro

RE255LectureNotes06052014thLecture 1 Notes on January 7 2014Read article posted on MLS What is HinduismWhat do you know about Hindu TraditionsThere is more than one God Not all Hindus believe in God Male and female deities Caste systems They believe in reincarnation and karma How do I know about Hindu traditionsI know about Hindu traditions from sources such as my peers schools the internet and many other academic sources Much of my knowledge comes from the media and things that others tell me from their own knowledgeHow did you come to these thingsI came to know these things from the people I associate with and also the many things that I have access toWhat do you still want to know I want to learn things in more depth and not just the basics I want to look at things through the eyes of a Hindu and understand religion from their own perspectives thLecture 2 Notes on January 9 2014Intro to Hindu Traditions Academic Study of ReligionReligion is dynamic not static meaning it is linked with other areas of human life Wearing our scholarly hatshuman centered study We do not have to comment on what is true etc Academic motivations and awareness of our and others biases 5 blind men and the elephant story 5 men were blindfolded and had access to only parts of the elephant Relates to how we only have access to some parts of Hindu traditions etc Explains our own biases South Asia Indian Subcontinent Includes India Bharat Pakistan Bangladesh Nepal Bhutan Sri Lanka Maldives Globalization Geography Identity is also based on geography Major Rivers Indus Ganga Yamuna Punjab 5 rivers Narmada Godavari The boundaries change depending on the year the map was made Languages of South Asia Sanskrit related with Greek Latin EnglishPrakritModern Languages Hindi Punjabi Bengali Gujarati
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