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ADMS 1000 - 9TH CLASS - MARCH 13 2013.docx

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ADMS 1000
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BUSINESS STRATEGYKoodo owned by TELUS Need to know where the product in the life cycle isintro Growth etc to investWhy do some companies do better than others Zellers VS WalMartoBecause of Strategic managementIn order to decide how attractive an industry is 5 Factorsmust know thisoWhoever is in the industry is hit by these 5 factors and all players in the market are hit the same way not true but kept constant to judgeIf telecom industryrare to have new business compared to restaurant industryPrevent entry shoppers drug martin every cornerAnother method coke and Pepsiheavy advertisingand buying all shelf spaceIf youre a business in the industrytry whatever you can to prevent barriers for other businesses starting up prices reputationoPower of SuppliersYou dont want to be in an industry where suppliers have all the powersRetailers have no power to charge less or more suppliers dictate to retailersthe price to chargeApple dictating line up outside storeto create hypeApple states ipads cant be toucheduntil 3 pmoPower of BuyerWhere are many choices restaurantAre switching costs for buyers here Microsofteverywhereserverssoftware licence training computers buyer has no option to stay with MS because of high switching costsConsumer has power why Pepsi and coke always advertise rigour slyoThreat of substiite is not Pepsi or coke its industry related
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