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ANTH 3120
Karl Schmid

Seeking the ‘wild’ and ‘primitive’ Part 1 – search for the ‘primitive’ • Ethnic tourism • Primitivism • Where do these ideas and images originate? Image of the ‘other’ as barbaric and savage-like. Ethnic tourism • Motivated by the search for first-hand contact with people whose ethnic and/or cultural background is different from that of the tourist, and considered to be more ‘authentic’. • It involves some form of direct experience with the host culture and environment • Observe and or participate in ceremonies, rituals, dances, and other traditional activities. • In ethnic tourism, people go visit places to see their evolutionary sequence assuming they were the first ones their Implications of the idea of ‘primitive’ in tourism 1. There is an evolutionary sequence culturally—humans progress and modern civilization is higher. – we assume that people back then were struggling with their lives without technology for example and foragers and hunter/gatherers. 2. The primitive can be found today— 3. We (tourists) are superior (or maybe sometimes they are superior)? Wels article and the ‘dark’ continent –the search for the authentic primitive began in Africa • In the article, the primitive artist is anonymous and non-existent Africans— stigmatized as savages and cannibals Sarah Bartman • Steatopgia – big buttocks • Exaggerations of the body of the ‘other’ Savages to noble savages • germans who saw ju’huansis killed them and exterminated them as if they were vermin. As time progresses savage image changes to a more noble savage. Art (primitive vs civilized) Primitive art= unconscious, based on fears superstitions, crude, primal, anonymous, ownerless Civilized modern art= conscious, various purposes, sophisticated, individual, property Primitivi
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