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Disables us from the notion of multi cultural . Multicultural: political term (we are plural + not necessarily are we multicultural) Caucasian": collectively being labeled as a race (normalized) Colorful/ethnic (what they assume india to be like) Small business: how ethnic neighborhoods might look like. Goal: comparative framework for understanding ethnicity and race. Culture: notions of difference that are closely related. Field work: research in the field using the method of participant observation. Anthropologists have to learn through experiences -> long term. Globalization, industrialization will lead people becoming like each other. How they are represented -> mark out difference. Colonialism: forced change in which one nation dominates another. Control or governing influence of a nation or imperial power over another dependent or subjugated country, territory or people. Race is not a scientific term -> no evidence whatsoever. How do they become a part of daily discourse. How certain types of speaking become codes. Overlaps with ethnicity but not the same.