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SBI 3U1 Exam Short Answer Questions COMPLETED VERSION.docx

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CHEM 1500
David Stamos

SBI 3U1 - Exam Short Answer Questions A) Diversity of Life 1. Mono-cropping is incredibly chemical and energy intensive, as studies have shown that the amount of energy used to produce one unit of bio-fuel is larger than the amount of energy that it produces. Also, the amount of pesticides and fertilizers needed to supply the thousands of acres in the US and abroad are seeping into the soil, affecting groundwater and the ambient environment. Soil depletion is also a negative effect of mono-cropping. Because farmers are no longer rotating their crops and replenishing the soil of essential nutrients, the soil becomes dry and begins to erode. As the soil becomes arid and useless, the need for more land becomes an issue which just leads to the destruction of even more land. Another environmental impact of mono-cropping is deforestation. Another side effect of mono-cropping is the displacement of indigenous peoples. 2. These drugs have been used for decades to effectively treat a variety of bacterial infections. If left untreated many of these bacterial infections would have been deadly. Unfortunately, because of worldwide overuse and misuse of antibiotics, common bacteria are becoming resistant to treatment with these drugs. This misuse is a major cause for alarm because, without treatment, many of these bacteria have once again become deadly. Some examples of possibly deadly diseases are Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Escherichia coli. Some diseases were once eradicated through antibiotics and now have resurged. These diseases include: Tuberculosis and Staphylococcus. However there are ways to control bacteria populations causing diseases. One method is sterilization, (heating up the bacteria) and other methods are irradiation ( radiation like UV kills bacteria), filtration (chemicals/gases kill bacteria) and also exposure to low temperature. 3. Amphibians are cold blooded animals, meaning their body temperature is dependent on the temperature of the environment. The past few centuries affected amphibians the most because of all the industrialization. For hundreds of millions of years, amphibians had the ability to evolve, adapt, and survive through new environmental changes. However, in a matter of centuries, the population is declining far faster than increasing, meaning that amphibians cannot evolve to these new changes. What this indicates is that the water quality, air quality, acidification levels, chemical activity, UV radiation and more factors are becoming less desirable for anything. With biodiversity, more species of amphibians will survive. For example, the larvae of some frog species may die from the unfavorable conditions but other frogs may be able to survive them and thus not eradicating the frog population. 4. The accumulated effect of habitat loss, pollution, and other small daily tinkerings with the natural environment is the slow and steady dwindling of even common species. Although extinctions occur naturally as a consequence of evolution, humans have accelerated this rate by hundreds, if not thousands, of times. Some things the government has been doing to protect endangered species is by setting up natural area, law against hunting specific animals, and also the government wants people to start thinking more environmentally friendly to keep the world a safer place for humans and animals. Also by trying not to destroy any land that is home to many animals, like a forest. B) Genetic Continuity 1. The mode of inheritance is Autosomal Recessive Inheritance. (Let’s say h stands for hair in this case). For one, “you will not find hulks that have green hair all the time (a homozygous recessive condition)”. This statement means that hulks with green hair have the phenotype
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