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CRIM 3656
Reza Rahbari

Take-Home Exam Monday April 9, 2012 ------------------------------------------- Choose two of the following questions and write an answer that is three (3) pages in length (300 – 350 words per page, 12 point font, and double spaced) for each answer. This assignment asks you to very closely read and analyse the course readings and the lecture notes. In addition, your answers must clearly reflect the tutorial discussions. Your answers must have an argument. That is, it must have one main point that is clearly outlined in a thesis statement and subsequently demonstrated in the reasons supporting your thesis statement. QUESTIONS: 1. What are the arguments in favor of restorative modes of justice? What kinds of concerns and problems have been raised with respect to restorative justice? Do you think that restorative justice offers an alternative to imprisonment? Why or why not? 2. Analyze the rationales for abolition of prison and the factors that ensure the continuity and endurance of the prison despite its failures. How might this use of prisons be reduced? 3. Critically examine the contributing factors and consequences of the expansion of incarceration (i.e. “the race to incarcerate”) in the USA and Canada. Taking into account the various justificati
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