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EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
EECS 1520 Full Course Notes
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Computing systems are dynamic entities used to solve problems and interact with their environment. They consist of devices, programs, and data. Hardware - the physical elements of a computing system (printer, circuit boards, wires, keyboard ). Software - the programs that provide the instructions for a computer to execute. Data - information in a form a computer can use. ****abstraction***** - a mental model that removes complex details. Early history of computing: abacus (2400 bc) An early device to record numeric values: blaise pascal (1623-1662) Created a mechanical device to add, subtract, divide & multiply: gottfried wilhelm von leibniz (1646-1716) Created a mechanical device to perform all four whole number operations: joseph jacquard. Jacquard"s loom (1801), the punched card: charles babbage (1792-1871) Difference engine, analytical engine: augusta ada byron (lovelace) Considered to be the first programmer, invented the concept of the loop: william burroughs (1857-1898) Early computers launch new era in mathematics, physics, engineering and economics.

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