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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
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EECS 1520
John Hofbauer

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Hardware- physical elements (printer, wires, circuit board, mouse) Software- programming  instructions for a computer to execute Data- info in a form a computer can use Abstraction- mental model that removes complex details HISTORY Abacus- record numerical values Blaise pascal- machine to add, coun substract Gottfired Leibniz- machine to perform all whole number operations Joseph jacquard- punched card Charles babbage- difference, analytical machine Augusta ada bryron (lovelace)- fist programmer, concept of the loop William burroughs- adding machine Herman Hollerith– electromechanical tabulator Alan turing- turing machine-absract mathematical model- artificial intelligence testing Generation1-1951 2-1959 3-1965 4-1971 5-1990 Machine language High level System software Structural Microsoft written in binary languages utility programs, programs  c++ English lie language Object Assembly language New application oriented statements translators, written in artificial fortran, cobol, operating systems software for design programming lisp users  spread language then Separation sheets, word World wide web changed to machine between user and processors, language hardware database New users programs for ppl management Programmer who do not know systems changesdevided into
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