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FILM 2401
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Lecture ITuesday May 7 2013359 PMThe Great Train Robbery 1903First crimemystery filmIntroduced the concept of western genreAchieved modest boxoffice successDocumentaries were one of the first types to be madeThis was a fictional film that would replace the documentaries of the pastGeorge Vallie father of modern sciencefictionHalf indoor and half outdoorThe Black Hand 1906First mafia filmHow Movies Became Big BusinessEarly on there wasnt a lot of capital needed to make a film so there were few barriers to entryThe success of movies called for a monopoly of conglomerates that tried to control the business1 9 companies came together and made the MPPC 190815Made others that wanted to make movies pay a licensing fee to use the equipmentThis did not work because there were other companies that were ignoring their control and moving to establish their own businessesIt was also unsuccessful because of the antitrust legislation used by the US governmentIt led to the Edison Trust to be dissolved in 1915The wide open industry was replaced with an oligopoly to be more efficient Prior to this others were trying to enter the market2 Struggles between the film workers and the owners of film companies are a key feature of the early American film industry Attempts to unionize film workers began as early as 19083 DW Griffith directed over 500 films between 1908 and 1915 for the Biograph CompanyBegan to make feature films in 1913Pioneer in developing business model for fast film developmentThis was known as assembly line film production and it mirrored the management strategies used by large auto manufacturers4 19101920This period in time creates the conditions for Hollywood system of film makingProduction began to be organized around a scriptThis meant that there was a blueprint for the film and not just ad hoc productionProduction was also organized around the stars and certain genresProduction moved to Los Angeles because of lower wages antiunion and a better climate film year roundIntroduced the concept of product differentiationHow to attract audiences to watch certain movies from particular studios This meant appealing to certain stars and genresNew forms of movie exhibitions are developed the movie palaceThe experience of going to the movies would generate more profitsYou could also charge more money for a longer film and more for certain sections in the theatre5 Thomas Ince pioneered the use of the shooting script as the blueprint for the production of filmsThe script sets out the division of labor to be used in completing the film1911 beginsAl Ringling Theatre 1915presentACornerinWheat1909amovieaboutthedivisionofwealthandhowexcessconsumptioncouldleadtoconsumingthesoulofapersonIntroduced parallel editingseveral storylines that were interrelatedNo credits or identifiable performers which meant that they had not implemented the star system yetThe usage of literary forms adapted from the novelConnected to visual arts JeanFrancois Millet the Sowers Film Page 1 Connected to visual arts JeanFrancois Millet the SowersThe Immigrant 1917Example of the early film star very recognizableAlways playing the underdog and it becomes recognized worldwideEarly industrialization and its impact on workersArchetype of English culture brought to American cinemaIt was successful because it became relatable to members of the public Film Page 2 Lecture IITuesday May 7 20131014 AMSunrise 1927Directed by FW MurnauThe ManGeorge OBrienThe WifeJanet GaynorThe Woman From the CityMargaret LivingstonDiscussionIt was shot just as sound was being invented and introduced into cinemaGood example of the sophistication of the silent film narrativeOne of the most expensive films and it did not make enough moneyThemesBasic narrative complex at the beginning of the film Ecstatic pleasureCapsulate the moment when society American are moving from rural agricultural life to the city and urbanSold with a kind of anxiety with the crude gender representationThere was also a revolution of the role of women in societyWomen were fighting for the right to vote and yet for most of American history most women could not voteThere was a negative representation of the progression of womens rightsIt was also the embodiment of the new womanIt was representing the transition in American society with regard to genderTail of the first wave of suffrageThe first awards ceremony of the Academy was an unusual in that 2 Best Picture were chosen one of them was SunriseMeetings with state department and US government mutual interestThe success of American films in the period after WWI there was a boost of tradeThere was a correlation between the success of those movies and the sale of those commoditieswe need to work with Hollywood to ensure that this image continuesTV shows were good ways to promote a good image of industrial productionNot just for reasons for patriotism but also for reasons of commerce the government partnered with Hollywood in regard to mutual interestThe reciprocal agreement also stipulated that the American government would promote the Hollywood image and their products abroad Reduce the tariffs on the export of their films to EuropeNot only was Hollywood was responsible for promoting commerce but the US government also promoted the number of US films shown in various other countriesThe relationship between media and government is not always about war but also about commerce and business Film Page 3
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