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Study questions for the final exam Five of these questions will be on the final exam, exactly as worded here. You will be required to answer two. You will have some choice. What is the relationship of colonialism to contemporary world cities? How are the production and distribution of the illegal narcotics cocaine and crystal methamphetamine related to the socio-economic and political conditions in their respective regions of production? Some scholars assert that "globalization" has brought about the "end of geography." What does that mean? Give examples from at least two regions that demonstrate the ways in which geography still matters. What is neocolonialism? Compare its effects in Africa and North America. Is violence necessary to overthrow Empire? Using examples from two different regions, explain why or why not. Did the EU create "Europe"? Did NAFTA create "North America"? Why or why not? What makes the idea of North America as a region problematic? What is “Othering”? Discuss an example of how it has worked to simultaneously create a regional identity for those who were othered, AND for those who did that othering. Compare the impact of colonialism on Africa's and North America's current situation. What are the strengths and weaknesses of talking about the world in terms of its “regions”? Discuss with reference to specific examples from at least two regions. Why haven’t democracy and capitalism “saved” the member countries of the CIS? "Define "globalization." In what ways are the Russian mafiya, Hindu temples, and Black bloc protest tactics exam
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