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HIST 2600 Midterm Exam Notes (2011-2012)

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HIST 2600
Marc Egnal

1HIST 2600 Midterm Exam Notes1 Identifications Answer 5 of the 10 Choices given Who What When Where and the Significance of the identification for US history 40 Points Alexander HamiltonThe first secretary of the treasury and one of the founding fathers of the United States A federalist Hamilton proposed the establishment of the First Bank of the United States to centralize the financial needs and requirements of the United States government under the Washington administration He advocated for a strong national government as well as a permanent national debt to raise credibility for the new nation Because he was the first treasury of a new nation he undertook various groundbreaking tasks in order to build a strong foundation as well as a sense of unity between northern and southern societies of the United States Bacons RebellionBleak conditions and poverty for most Virginian landowners left freedmen in despair The rebellion was an initial attempt to displace escalating tensions between whites and the Indians but it escalated into a social rebellion between the nativefriendly colonial government and expansionist white colonists Many whites led by Nathaniel Bacon rebelled wanted an alloutwar against natives in general and systematically eradicate the native population while the white settlers pressed forward to pose themselves as a model of American expansionist ideology Battle of SaratogaColonial victory in 1777 at Saratoga was an important event during the American Revolution diplomatically and militarily Although it was the turning point of the war for the American colonists European diplomacy with the French along with Spain and Holland formally recognized the United States as a sovereign nation This also led to the French ally themselves with the Americans to aid their cause for independence 2Bill of RightsThe first ten amendments to the Constitution that guaranteed personal liberties while not stripping the national government of authority The bill responded to the longstanding fear that a strong central government would lead to tyranny James Madison led the House of Representatives in drafting the bill and ratifying it in 1791 However the bill impeded the role of the federal government and gave that power for the state governments and individuals to regulate Boston Tea PartyEnraged by the Tea Act of 1773 passed by the Parliament to bail out the East India Company Samuel Adams and fifty young men disguised themselves as Indians armed with tomahawks hatchets and dumped 45 tons of tea into Boston harbor Although this act was done quietly and secretly colonial leaders became more determined to quash the colonial insubordination The tea party was considered to be one of the most important events that examine the rebellious nature of many American colonists dissatisfied by the treatment endured by the colonial government and the British monarchy Compromise of 1850It was a lastditch attempt by Henry Clay to propose a solution to the issue of slavery expansion in the west The north wanted to prevent slavery expansion but the south wanted stricter protection of slavery In the end Congress left the remaining territories to use popular sovereignty and determine their own fate California was admitted as a free state due to a majority opposition against slavery However the south led by Calhoun was enraged to the point where secession became an option for them to decide upon Unfortunately the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 was accepted by northerners as a price to save the union from collapsing The compromise did not solve the problem but rather made NorthSouth relations worse Cult of DomesticityVictorian views on morality and culture conflicted with consumerism to create a subtle but important impact on middleclass expectations of female roles within the home It created the sphere of femininity within the home and Victorian advocates discouraged
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