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Study Guides for HIST 2600 at York University

United States History

HIST 2600 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Free Soil Party, Meat Packing Industry, Class Conflict

13 Amendment by the end of the civil war, Lincoln gave his support for a constitutional ban on slavery The republicans called for the Thirteenth Amendment which passed in early 1865. This amendment abolished slavery in a...

HIST 2600
Boyd Cothran
HIST 2600 Quiz: American History Review2

American History Review Boston Massacre The decision to base the American board of customs commissioners in Boston led to the confrontation that patriots labeled the boston massacre. On the evening of march 5, 1770, a crow...

HIST 2600
Boyd Cothran
HIST 2600 Quiz: American History Review

American History Review Holmbergs Mistake Alan Holmberg was an anthropologist who lived among an Indigenous tribe in Beni, Bolivia for two years. He later went on to publish Nomads of the Bow. He believed that these indige...

HIST 2600
Boyd Cothran
HIST 2600 Study Guide - Flapper, Juan Cortina, Nick Carraway

Korematsu. V United States - landmark United States Supreme Court Case concerning the constitutionality of Executive Order 9066 which ordered Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War 2 regardless of thei...

HIST 2600
Marc Egnal
HIST 2600 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Utah Territory, Nebraska Territory

1HIST 2600 Midterm Exam Notes1 Identifications Answer 5 of the 10 Choices given Who What When Where and the Significance of the identification for US history 40 Points Alexander HamiltonThe first secretary of the treasury ...

HIST 2600
Marc Egnal
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