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York University
Human Resources Management
HRM 3450
Ron Ophir

Summary of Main PointsHRM3450 Fall 2012 Module 4Bell 2012 Chapter 5 Identity Group LatinosHispanics ContextHistoryPopulationEmploymentExperiences of DiscriminationWomen vs Men in this identity groupEarly on Mexicans were classified In 2009 there were 484 million Hispanics in Research indicated that Hispanics sometimes face Men work at a higher rate than as White for Census purposes yet the US accounting for 16 of the treatment and access discrimination by employers women and tend to be employed in they were sometimes barred from population Out of those 657 were customer discrimination racial profiling and police construction jobs and other dangerous restaurants and other businesses Mexicans 89 Puerto Ricans and 35 misconductslow level jobs whereas the women and even murdered lynched Cubans tend to be in low paying jobs as well Access and treatment discrimination Research was Mexicans either legal immigrants but in the service industry garment Hispanics are a youthful population with a conducted and resumes were sent by both Hispanics or citizens were repatriated during industry house keeping etcmedian age of 274 years compared with and Whites Hispanics had slightly higher the Depression in an effort to free 368 years for the population as a whole education to apply for 500 advertised jobs When Along with hardship in employment up jobs Because of this many Hispanics called they have been told that there are Latinas are sometimes targeted by Mexicans that came back to the US Cubans are more likely to report themselves no jobs available but when Whites called they were sexual harassment similar to the did not pass their language on to as being White 854 versus 47 Black scheduled for an interview The researched showed radicalized sexual harassment that their offspringThis holds true for Mexicans and Puerto that Hispanics are 22 less likely to advance in the occurs against Black womenRicans but in smaller percentagesIn 1946 Mendez v Westminster selection process Hispanic women like other minority School District in Orange County While only 673 of Hispanics had at least a Latinos also face interethnic employment women face barriers based on race California took place In the high school degree in 2008 871 of discrimination It is discri
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